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Ensuring technology and life sciences companies have access to top-quality tax advice was the driving force behind the inception of Confluence Tax. Having spent time working with these companies at Andersen and Deloitte, Confluence founder Colin Hailey realised there was a real need to offer pragmatic and client-focused advice with a sensible price tag to. So he left the Big4 world and Confluence Tax was born.

Small and medium sized (SME) companies that operate within the knowledge economy present a very particular set of challenges, as they are both small and complex. There are many reliefs and benefits offered by the UK tax system that are hard to navigate. These include R&D tax credits, the patent box benefits of a lower rate of corporate income tax, employee equity incentives such as EMI share option schemes and the tax valuation of shares and assets. We can offer expert advice covering all these areas and specifically within the context of biotechnology and life sciences companies.

Furthermore, SMEs operating within these sectors are reliant on carrying out transactions to progress – from funding to expansion and ultimately to M&A activity, demergers and reorganisations and public listings. They rely on sound tax advice to future-proof their structures and ensure they are appropriate for due diligence activities by third parties.  There are a number of aspects where clearance and assurance from the UK tax authorities can be obtained, an area in which we specialise, using Colin’s 25 years’ of experience offering tax advice. As we understand the industry background, we can get up to speed quickly and offer a clear way forwards.

We always work in a collaborative way with our clients and their advisors to help move a business forwards. We are also happy to give advice and help conclude on the best route to achieve a company’s goals. We are also happy to provide focused and clearly written formal reports and board presentations. Colin can also carry out in-house sessions on tax issues for company employees and management where a company requires this.

Colin is chair of the Finance and Tax Committee of the UK BioIndustry Association, which is the leading trade organisation for biotechnology companies. He frequently debates tax topics with HM Treasury and the UK tax authorities (HMRC) that impact or threaten the strength of the life sciences sector in the UK. Colin has influenced debate around changes to R&D tax credits, the patent box and venture capital schemes such as EIS.

If you have a question about tax and how it relates to a company that operates in the life sciences or technology sector, Colin is happy to chat through this with you initially at no charge. Being generous with advice is what has stood the company in good stead since its inception in 2010. He is extremely well regarded within the biotech arena and the majority of work referrals come through word of mouth and personal recommendations.

In the first instance, give Colin a call on +44(0)7855 502917

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