Assisting Inward Investors

The great interest of investing in the UK from overseas has led to a marked increase of enquiries from foreign corporations and funds (both institution and private) to Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates here in the UK. Many of these enquiries concern the advice and assistance required to investigate and complete inward investment transactions.

The Diplomatic Communication initiative has been set up to allow Ambassadors, High Commissioners, attaches and overseas organisations looking to, or investing in, the UK to have access to expert advisers that can both assist on transactions and/or be available to meet with incoming trade investment delegations to the UK.

Foreign diplomats in the UK and the organisation from their respective countries that they assist will have access to both a bespoke website and app, constantly updated with relevant inward investment information. It will be the only conduit of its kind.

Education and Careers in the UK

The United Kingdom has a world class reputation in education and career opportunities for both overseas students and graduates as well as for the children of incoming foreign diplomats and investors to the UK.

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State Schools 
Private Schools
Universities in the UK
Post Graduate Study in the UK
Careers in UK 
Diversity in the UK 
Visas to study and work in the UK 

UK Know-How

In order to increase productivity and remain competitive in the global economy, international businesses and investors need to invest in R&D and innovation. The UK offers inbound investors and companies a first-class research establishment, a helpful regulatory process and tax advantages coupled with a highly-skilled workforce. 

We will provide details of trusted partners that can be called upon, details of regulatory bodies, governmental initiatives and investment/tax advice from experts. 

The following links can also help inbound investors to the UK on R&D:
Scientific Research & Development 
Research & Development (R&D)  support in the UK 
UK Research & Innovation 

Artificial Intelligence

As the world grapples with the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid advancement of AI, the UK will host the first major global summit on AI safety. For further details of the UK Government’s activity in this area, please click here

We will provide details of trusted partners that can be called upon, detailed regulatory bodies, government initiatives and advice from experts.

Webinars / Seminars / News Items

The trusted advisers and partners set out in this initiative regularly provide online webinars, in-person seminars and newsletters to help inward investors, and those advising them, navigate through current market conditions and capture the upside of current economic circumstances and changes. Where there are links below, simply click on them for further information and/or to register. Similarly, you may wish to subscribe to news items and bulletins our trusted advisers publish by clicking on the links below when they appear.

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Expert Advisers

A limited number of experts of only the highest caliber and integrity will be set out under headings to match their activities and will include full contact details and editorial to examine their experience in negotiating and advising on inward investment transactions. This includes areas such as law, accountancy, human resources, business management and finance. Foreign inward investment to the UK often includes activities relating to the personal wellbeing of investors and their families. Consequently, the Diplomatic Communication Network will detail experts in the fields of immigration, wealth management, relocation, education, property and healthcare.

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