What They Say

“It is a pleasure to provide a foreword to this year’s publication. This remains an invaluable guide to the diplomatic community, and I commend it to you.”
The Right Honourable William Hague MP Shadow Foreign Secretary
“Thank you for sending me this publication. We find it a most valuable and informative source of reference and basis of trusted private sector partners.”
High Commission for Antigua and Barbuda
“May I express on behalf of all members of the embassy our thanks for the publication, which helps us identify which organisations we should use for our variety of needs
Embassy of the Republic of Cuba
“This excellent reference work has gained in reputation … I recommend it to all.”
The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke QC MP
“We congratulate you on this excellent publication, which does provide our Chamber and its members with a valuable source of reference.”
British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
“… an essential guide. I thoroughly recommend it.”
His Excellency Mr Khaled Abdulaziz Al-Duwaisan GVCO Kuwaiti Embassy
“Let me express my appreciation for the handsome publication. Indeed, I am in no doubt that the information contained therein will be of great use as always.”
Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique
“The publication has become a key work of reference, not just for politicians and diplomats, but for a much wider audience.”
The Right Honourable Kenneth Baker MP
The book is well presented and will be both useful and informative for the work of our diplomats. I am sure they will use the companies highlighted therein.”
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
“Many thanks for the beautiful publication, which will be very useful in increasing our understanding on a number of topics.”
Malta High Commission
“It’s a fabulous reference book and one we will refer to time and time again.”
Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
“I am delighted to contribute to the publication, which I am sure will be of great value to many people.”
The Right Honourable Michael Howard QC MP
“Thank you very much for sending us the most elegant Diplomatic publication.”
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar



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