Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The UK Government has signalled its intent to be at the forefront of this new industrial revolution that will make the UK the smartest, healthiest, safest and happiest place to live and work. That is why AI is one of the UK Government’s 5 technologies of tomorrow – bringing stronger growth, better jobs, and bold new discoveries.

These developments create enormous commercial potential for companies, financiers and investors and new challenges for regulators.

For inbound investors into the UK’s AI sector, the Diplomatic Communication Network will set out the full details of UK Governmental initiatives, regulatory changes, investment opportunities and joint venture opportunities. It will set out examples of leading UK companies that can benefit from inbound investment to the UK and professional advisers that can assist in bringing together relevant parties to AI opportunities. 

Overseas investors to the UK (both investment funds and tech companies themselves) the AI sector represents a significant part of their investment strategies. Such investors can also utilise the resources of the City of London and the UK as a hub for investing in AI companies worldwide. For foreign buyers of UK AI products, whether in the state or private sectors, the UK’s expertise and competitiveness in technological, IT and AI products and services make the UK a first port of call for such buyers.

The foreign diplomatic corps in the UK, in particular trade and commercial attaches, are increasingly being called upon to counsel, advise and assist funds, companies, investors and buyers, from their respective countries, on the commercial and regulatory landscape and investing and buying opportunities in the UK AI sector. 

The Diplomatic Communication Network and Inward Investors App furnishes these diplomats, and the investors and buyers they look after, with details of all UK Governmental Agencies, regulatory bodies, trade associations and of leading UK and AI companies that are seeking to attract increased investments and sales from overseas.  

For further details of UK Government activity in this area, please click here.

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