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Our specialist energy transition team provide worldwide legal support on the key areas vital to decarbonising the energy system and can help you understand the latest emissions trading legal developments, providing guidance on new opportunities and risk management in a fast-evolving business landscape.

The energy transition encompasses a radical transformation of the global energy system to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the second half of this century. While the transition is currently underway, achieving this goal urgently requires an unprecedented level of investment and integrated global action.

At the heart of this deep, structural change to the supply and demand of energy is a mix of new physical and digital technologies, evolving policy frameworks and innovative market instruments which will affect incumbents and new entrants alike over the coming years.

Our team is renowned for advising clients across the energy, trade, transport and construction sectors worldwide both generally and in relation to  their decarbonisation efforts. We have been involved in all aspects of the project lifecycle, from the initial regulatory and project planning phase, throughout financing, development and construction, and then into the O&M phase.

Clyde & Co’s end-to-end knowledge of global supply chains enables us to provide clients with legal solutions for all their emissions trading needs.

Our team of trade, energy and transportation specialists understand the issues and day-to-day challenges affecting clients, from both a transactional and contentious perspective. We stay at the forefront of market developments to ensure we can continually provide clients with practical and timely advice.

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