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The HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre  

Diplomats often face unique healthcare challenges when they work overseas on behalf of their country: they need to navigate healthcare systems and institutions they may be unfamiliar with, they need healthcare to fit around their intense, complex workloads, and they have a need for absolute discretion.

At HCA UK we realise the intense pressure on diplomats working in this country, and the responsibilities you have. As a world-leading provider of healthcare solutions, we have the network and the resources to support you and the people you are responsible for. Founded originally in the US, this year we’re celebrating our 55th anniversary. In those 55 years, we have grown into one of the largest independent healthcare providers in the world with over 300 hospitals, 240,000 nurses, 37,000 doctors and more than 27 million patients.

But we have never lost sight of the fact that each patient is an individual with specific medical and human needs.

To cater promptly and effectively to you, your staff, your families, and your esteemed guests here in the UK, we have created the HCA Healthcare UK Medical Concierge Centre. Located in Marylebone, in the heart of London’s medical district, the Medical Concierge Centre acts as a single point of contact for the HCA UK network. This patient-focused service, staffed by clinicians with decades of healthcare experience, is the only medical concierge service registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), our medical regulator, in the UK.

We offer the following services:

Fast access to relevant specialists
People who contact the HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre can expect unparalleled speed of access, outstanding customer service and a seamless admissions experience to a selected HCA UK hospital. Our team can meet all your healthcare needs, from initial consultations, diagnosis and second opinions through to tailored treatment plans.

The Medical Concierge Centre’s Clinical Nurse Advisors support patients through their medical journey, providing rapid access to a consultant in one of HCA UK’s leading private hospitals. With a passion for healthcare and years of experience navigating healthcare needs, the team ensures every patient journey is seamless.

We’re incredibly proud of our team; the HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre is the only Clinical Nurse Specialist-led healthcare concierge in London registered with the CQC, and was recently awarded ‘Healthcare Concierge Service of the Year’ by AI Global Media in the Private Healthcare Awards 2023.

Rapid response referrals
The Medical Concierge Centre’s 24/7 Rapid Response Referral Service manages bespoke pathways for patients with complex and time-critical healthcare needs into an HCA UK hospital. By operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the team responds to all enquiries within one hour, ensuring all patients benefit from a fast response to their health concerns. HCA UK has the expertise to manage these patients because of our extensive network of clinicians, who offer a breadth of care that includes even the most complex specialities.

International transfers
The HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre is partnered with Charles Taylor Assistance to arrange international travel for patients who are critically ill. This partnership is the UK first between a direct healthcare provider and a medevac aviation transfer specialist, and it means that we can arrange global transfers that aren’t reliant on private medical insurance. So far, the team at the HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre have assisted patients in 59 countries around the world and has coordinated their transfer to an HCA UK hospital for high-quality specialist care.

UK hospital transfers
HCA UK’s network of hospitals covers all aspects of medicine, including urgent care, complex cardiac and cancer care, neurorehabilitation, orthopaedics, paediatrics, fertility care and obstetrics. HCA UK’s London hospitals include internationally renowned centres such as London Bridge Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic, The Lister Hospital, The Portland Hospital, The Princess Grace Hospital and The Wellington Hospital.

The team at the HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre can organise transfers for any patients who are currently admitted to any UK hospital, who wish to transfer to an HCA UK facility for the remainder of their care. This applies to patients anywhere in the UK who are in either private or NHS hospitals. To date, the team has coordinated over 300 patient hospital transfers. To support patients during these hospital transfers, the Medical Concierge Centre has a 24/7 private ambulance service, allowing them to facilitate transfers day and night from either the patient’s home, Embassy, High Commission or GP practice.

To summarise, the team can support you with:
• Medical evacuations (medevac)
• International transfers (including ICU to ICU)
• Urgent, complex, time-critical referrals and admissions
• NHS Transfers
• Private GP services and health screenings
• Consultant and diagnostic appointments

What our diplomatic referrers say about our service
“Never in my entire career working with the foreign service and working with many institutions worldwide have I ever encountered such an exceptional team! The level of support, day and night, is well beyond anything I have experienced! Professionalism and caring beyond reproach! Precious resources in my opinion.” – Chief Medical Officer, London-based Embassy

Get in touch
For all medical enquiries contact the clinical team 24/7:
Tel: +44 (0)20 3993 0999

To find out more about HCA UK or how The HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre can assist your diplomatic mission contact:
Megan Field – Business Development Manager
Tel: +44 (0)7803 412 843

What our referrers and patients say about The HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre
“The importance of the service provided is without question. It would take a great deal of my time if I had to do it on my own.”

“There are literally no words that can describe how grateful my family are to you and your team – you are absolutely sensational, kind and compassionate – everything a stressed out family could ever ask for!”

“As someone who has a general fear of surgery and clinical settings, I was beyond grateful for the care, kindness and knowledge of this team. I was overwhelmed when I found out that I needed surgery but they put my mind at ease and supported me from start to finish. Thank you!”

“Absolutely brilliant service, life-saver…quite literally. The Concierge Centre transferred my wife to The Portland for an emergency operation. Can’t thank them enough. Total professionalism, can-do attitude, kindness. I am not exaggerating when I say my wife could have died without this super-fast intervention.”

Please follow this link to access some more information on our services and other resources.

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For further advice and assistance please contact:

The HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre – Part of HCA Healthcare UK
47 Nottingham Place
Tel: +44 (0)7803 412843
Contact: Megan Field – Business Development Manager

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