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The interests of today’s corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, business executives and funds  are increasingly the subject of regulations and public scrutiny.  This brings with it legal and financial issues that require the attention and advice of experts with integrity, experience and competence. Experts who can plan and manage the commercial affairs of market leaders, innovators and investors in the various sectors of the UK and world economies.

Nowhere is this more important than in matters relating to tax, tax disputes, controversies, and investigations where the reputational, legal and financial consequences can be disastrous if tax affairs are not in order.

Managing tax exposure, particularly for cross-border international investors to the UK, requires the expertise to consider all relevant taxes in the context of the commercial objectives. An effective tax plan formulated in advance of a transaction or fundamental business decision will help protect availability of tax reliefs and mitigate tax risk.

This is where PKF excel.  Our multidisciplinary tax advisory team works together with other trusted advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, financial advisors and corporate finance teams to present clients with commercial first, realistic solutions to their business needs.  Rarely is tax the sole driver of such matters, and our commitment to gaining a holistic understanding of the factors affecting key stakeholders ensures that businesses make informed decisions about their tax position.  Importantly, PKF does not recommend aggressive tax strategies which put our clients’ (or our own) reputations at risk.

HMRC (and overseas tax authorities) have moved to increasingly scrutinise businesses in recent years, but especially since the pandemic, and enquiries or investigations are ever more likely. Challenges into tax positions may arise from a number of sources:

  • Genuine lack of understanding by HMRC of the business and its’ tax profile
  • Actions taken by the business without taking the correct advice – this is particularly the case for start-up and high growth/fast paced businesses, or those entering the UK market for the first time.
  • Continuing to follow (valid) historic advice without awareness that changes to the business, or underlying legislation, means it is no longer a valid approach
  • Uncertainties on the application of tax legislation to a specific scenario (both by HMRC or the business)
  • Outright errors or mistakes by the business and its’ management, or in the worst case, fraud.

Leveraging the skillset and extensive knowledge of our tax advisory team, PKF can assist in negotiating these challenges to defend positions that have been taken by the business where HMRC are incorrect in their approach, or resolving issues either before or after HMRC become aware of them.  PKF have represented and advised clients on a wide range of tax issues and disputes, taking a pro-active approach to prevent tax exposures from increasing, and mitigating penalty risk where it has to be accepted that an error was made.  Our aim (and that of our clients) is to reach a resolution with the relevant taxing authority without running the risk, expense and publicity of full-blown litigation.

Corporate investment activity, business critical operations, mergers and acquisitions and restructurings and the laws relating to both direct and indirect cross-border taxes can appear to be confusing, even for the most seasoned operators and investors. Not so for Chris Riley. Chris Riley is a Partner, and as Head of Tax leads out the team at PKF. He personally specialises in taxes affecting businesses, their employees and shareholders, with a particular focus on corporation tax.

Chris helps businesses manage their tax obligations and ensure that operations and projects are structured in a tax efficient manner. In addition to supporting private businesses and UK operations of multi-national groups, Chris has significant specific experience in both the insurance industry and the capital markets, where he uses his deep knowledge of sector issues to provide support that is always relevant to the needs of his clients.

Chris and his team of tax experts provide comprehensive tax compliance and solid advisory services to a wide range of clients, within the UK, but also globally through the support of member firms in the PKF International network, which has over 220 member firms in 150 countries worldwide, encompassing over 20,000 professionals, helping all our clients find their way in the increasingly complex world of  tax.

Where understanding of our clients’ sector makes the difference, our promise is that our experts will invest their in-depth industry expertise to provide invaluable support and insights. They can advise on a wide range of tax issues, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Business demergers and reconstructions
  • Corporate tax compliance
  • Capital allowances
  • Owner managed businesses
  • Partnership tax
  • Property taxes
  • Share and employee incentive schemes
  • IR 35 issues
  • Innovation and R&D tax reliefs
  • Diverted Profits Tax
  • BEPS
  • Transfer pricing
  • Non-Domicile tax concerns and non-UK trusts
  • VAT and indirect taxes
  • Environmental taxes
  • Digital tax regimes
  • Tax disputes and investigations and dealing/negotiating with HMRC
  • Private client/family tax and succession planning.

For more information about Chris, his team and the services they provide  and examples of the type of work they have undertaken, you can find out more about PKF  Here

To arrange a meeting with Chris or one of his team, please contact Chris Riley in the first instance at or +44 (0)20 7516 2427

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