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With a history stretching back more than 100 years, we have provided practical and commercial advice to many of the world’s leading international businesses on their market entry into the UK.

Whether through an acquisition of, or joint venture with, an existing UK business or when setting up operations from scratch, there are significant product, health & safety and environmental compliance requirements you need to be aware of.

We have the depth of experience needed to help you successfully navigate this complex maze.

Health & Safety regulation

Many of our clients turn to us for advice on ensuring the protection of their employees, contractors and customers when they open or expand commercial premises as part of their UK growth plans. Our in-depth understanding of the compliance requirements you will face, and our vast experience of interacting with the health & safety regulators, enables us to provide you with the commercial advice you need.

Our team is also renowned for its work in the defence of catastrophic injury claims, including gross negligence, corporate manslaughter and significant accidents (e.g. road disasters, explosions, building fires and failures).

Should the worst happen, we have the regulatory experience, legal knowledge and sensitivity required to help you react quickly following a health & safety incident.

Our expertise includes:

  • Providing strategic advice on health & safety systems and procedures.
  • Representing directors and senior management under investigation.
  • Defending clients against charges ranging from gross negligence manslaughter to lesser regulatory offences.
  • Providing a crisis response service which combines legal and PR expertise to help safeguard
  • Advising on subsequent inquests and other hearings.

Environmental regulation

Working with our real estate, corporate and disputes teams, we advise on all aspects of environmental law, from risk management to how to react to a major environmental incident.

With sustainability and environmental concerns rising up stakeholders’ agendas, this is a rapidly growing area of law where failure to correctly address potential risks can lead to significant financial penalties and damaging reputational consequences.

Our expertise includes:

  • Advising clients on their current and future environmental liability risks.
  • Advising on potential breaches of environmental permits and waste offences.
  • Guiding clients through Environment Agency and local authority investigations.
  • Representing directors and senior management suspected of offences.

Product regulation

Our team combines product liability, regulatory and advertising legal expertise to advise some of the manufacturers, brands and retailers throughout the product lifecycle. We have broad industry experience and an in-depth understanding of how the relevant regulators work (including the Advertising Standards Authority and Competition and Markets Authority).

If you face a recall situation for an established product, we’ll help you effectively navigate the UK recall process and any subsequent disputes. We’ll help you develop a strategy and work with our PR consultants as part of the crisis management response team.

Our expertise includes:

  • Providing advice on manufacturing and production development requirements.
  • Advising on product certification, labelling and packaging issues.
  • Defining industry specific import and export obligations.
  • Defending against consumer and product liability claims.
  • Developing an effective strategy for product recalls and withdrawals.

Whatever regulatory challenge you’re facing, whether wrestling with a new piece of legislation or unexpectedly at the centre of a major news story, we’ll work with you to simplify the complex and ensure you continue to thrive in a rapidly evolving regulatory world.

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