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The aim of Treos Bio Ltd [“Treos”] is to bring about systematically a new, revolutionary approach to clinical oncology by applying proprietary technology platforms and specific clinical insights that it has developed over several years. Cancer vaccines rely on the delivery of target molecules reflecting cancer antigens to induce a clinically significant activation of the immune system to attack the presented target and the patient’s cancer (which expresses the same epitope). Treos has made a fundamental advance in the understanding of exactly how to develop/target a series of peptide immunogenic therapeutics with the potential to revolutionize treatment of nineteen of the most important solid tumors, exceeding prior attempts by an order-of-magnitude.

Development of Treos’ proprietary PASCal System involved a series of mutually interactive projects conducted over a period of several years. Treos mapped the expression frequency of Cancer Testis Antigens (CTA) from 96,000 biopsies in 19 major cancers to determine the potential cancer proteins which the cancers could present. Treos then developed a computational platform that determined their immunogenicity, matched them against the Human Leukocyte Antigen target-selection proteins to uncover a number of uniquely versatile peptides (Personalized Epitopes or PEPIs) effective against immunogenic targets in a cancer (like Microsatellite Stable metastatic Colorectal cancer, MSS mCRC) or against a virus (like SARS-CoV-2). When Treos delivers a fully personalized treatment with 13 PEPIs on average, then Treos will have CD8+ immune responses against 12 of them. And Treos is able to generate single mixtures of PEPI peptides for a specific type of solid tumor such as MSS mCRC allowing an average of five matches per patient in a large fraction of the population – an immune response sufficient for effective treatment and potential eradication of the tumor.

In a recent study in MSS mCRC Treos found detailed clinical information directly supporting its system, technology and biological learnings and unique ability to convert “cold” to “hot: tumors. Treos intends to use its clinical development, including two ongoing Phase 2 trials, and the planned Phase 2-3 trial for the registration of PolyPEPI1018 to provide large scale clinical validation of its platform to support development of therapies for another 18 types of cancer.

Treos is looking for pharmaceutical development partners or investors to join us in revolutionizing the entire field of solid tumor therapeutics, potentially producing value over time in the range of tens of billions of dollars globally. Our immediate focus is on raising approximately $50M to conduct a large Phase 2/3 trial of PolyPEPI1018 intended to lead to clinical registration of PolyPEPI1018, a multi-billion-dollar market, and to initiate the synthesis and early study of our next four vaccine products for Ovarian, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Gastric Cancer and Melanoma. Treos believes that our chances of success are extraordinarily high and that we can produce both life-saving human value and exceptional returns on investment for investors and/or partners with product pricing that will work globally.

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